National Editor Tom Karst
National Editor Tom Karst

Does the industry still want more government regulation? The poll question for this week at the 5,174-member Fresh Produce Industry Discussion Group is this:

The fresh produce industry in the U.S. has..

A. too little government regulation

B. too much government regulation

C. about the right amount of government regulation


Not to prejudice the results, but a Gallup poll, noted in Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis, showed that  47% of Americans say there is too much government regulation rather than too little (26%).

These LinkedIn polls are open for a year, so I will be interested in the votes and comments over that period of time.

The industry's leading associations famously called for more government regulation in 2006 after foodborne outbreaks linked to E. coli on spinach and green onions. Several years past that point, and with the Food Safety Modernization Act on the books but far from implemented, what is the industry view today?

So I pose the question to readers. Does the industry in fact  need more government regulation - or less?


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