Yes, it is too early for the blame games to begin.

But I threw the qualifier "if" into the question and it is worth contemplating. After all, it doesn't seem the long and drawn-out talks between United Fresh and PMA are set to reach a thundering conclusion. It seems they may end  with a  whimper and a pledge for greater collaboration, not a full-fledged merger agreement.

Of course, we really don't know - here at 10:23 p.m on July 15 - how these talks will conclude. Perhaps the task force and the boards of both PMA and United are prepared to be bold this week. But it seems that the question of who will lead a combined organization is one of the stumbling blocks to resolving the deal.

Given all that we know and don't, I asked the Fresh Produce Industry Discussion Group this question:

If United and PMA do not merge, who should get the blame?

United Board

PMA Board

Egos of Paid Leaders

Other (explain)


TK: Check out the comments and the voting so far and add your voice, even as we may be just a short time away from a final determination on the merger.