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Looking for backpacker fruit pickers? Start in Finland

04/06/2012 11:36:00 AM
Tom Karst

“You know there are 44 different Federal job training programs? If one of them works, why would you need the other 43?” Kingston said. And then he took square aim at the federal feeding programs via the mythical “Bob.”

If “Bob” is three years old, Kingston said he is eligible for 12 federal feeding programs, including food stamps, child and adult care program, commodity supplemental food program, the fresh fruit and vegetable program, the national school lunch program, WIC, and more.

At age 10, Bob is still eligible for nine. At 35 years old, Bob is eligible for seven federal feeding programs. And at 65, Kingston says Bob can potentially take part in six federal feeding programs.

There are unnecessary duplications in federal feeding programs that Democrats and Republicans alike should agree to eliminate, Kingston asserted.

“This is the low fruit,” he said.

Yes, Rep. Kingston, you can eliminate the low fruit, providing that pruning doesn’t touch the fresh fruit and vegetable program, the school lunch program, the WIC program, etc.

Of course it is simplistic to say that federal program are redundant without pointing out how they are so.

Nutrition advocates and industry leaders can defend any one of these federal feeding programs - and particularly the fresh fruit and vegetable program, if you will - as a key part of the safety net and sound nutrition policy.

But there is a growing sense among mechanics and moms that America’s ability to inject cash into food stamp debit cards for more than 46 million Americans (up 15% from last year) and to fund other federal feeding programs besides is not sustainable.

Not when we are on the road to Greece.

When America goes to the ATM and there is nothing left to withdraw, what happens then?

As a people, we need to respect the fact that folks like Kingston are asking “What about Bob?” It is a question that my mechanic would answer emphatically.

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