The snow is falling in Kansas City, in fine, fast flakes that are descending without lasting effect on the wet pavement and yellow green grass outside my window. Will we ever shake this winter?

 Pity those poor Harley-Davidson dealers who have been gamely advertising on sports radio in recent weeks. “It won’t be cold forever. so get out to your Harley dealer for some amazing deals...” Don’t speak too soon, my two-wheeled aficionados.

 I am getting together some coverage of fruit and vegetable imports into Canada this week, and this news assignment caused me to uncover a useful website on import and export statistics for Canada. Will a website that I have only now discovered after 30 years in the fresh produce reporting business have any possible utility to readers? I don’t think so, but I thought I’d leave it up to you.

To find all relevant data about Canadian fruit and vegetable imports, go to this website

Of course, U.S. trade statistics are found on the GATS website, at this link

I haven’t found a reliable government of Mexico site on trade statistics, but I know the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization has a very useful trade flow map online that you will find useful. Find it here.

In the next edition of Fresh Talk, we’ll chat about a new USDA ERS report on organic produce prices compared with conventional. See the report here.