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Organic fans push back against Stanford study

09/06/2012 06:40:00 AM
Tom Karst

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Clint Albano    
Muscat, Oman  |  September, 06, 2012 at 04:23 PM

Belief in the nutritional superiority of "organically" grown fruits and vegetables is simply more evidence, if we ever needed more, of the continued appeal to human beings of nice sounding irrational, unscientific nonsense. What kind of agriculture and food production world wide would we have if, for example, growers worldwide could not apply just one application of one of those those evil man made herbicides to hundreds of millions of acres of grain? And what kind of an environmental impact would that have? Any chance it would be positive? More land farmed, mostly marginal, to meet world demand? How many trees would be felled, how much range land would be disked up? Any chance of a convincing, measureable, palpable increased public health benefit from grains minus a possible couple of parts per billion of residue from this or that herbicide? And could any such benefit, were it found, outweigh the very much larger negative health and ECONOMIC impact of the certain decline of grain production worldwide minus the weed control? Let movie and TV stars, celebrities, artistocrats, cranks, charlatans and their dupes in the natural food promotion business have their tomatoes planted only under the light of the moon with Druid incantations, if they want. But why in the world are the USDA and reputable scientific institutions dignifying this BELIEF - and that is all it is - with the attention and implicit respect that it does not deserve?

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