One of the nice features of the LinkedIn platform for the Fresh Produce Industry Discussion Group is that it allows members to create poll questions.

 Using that capability for what I hope will be a useful purpose, I recently asked members what they thought industry participation in the Sesame Street-PMA promotion will be. Here is the linkand the question..








What will be the participation of fresh produce marketers and retailers in the Sesame Street- PMA “eat brighter!” initiative?

0% to 10%

11% to 20%

21% to 30%

31% to 40%

More than 40%


There is a general expectation, from very limited voting, that the “buy-in” will be significant but not overwhelming. What do you think of the program’s potential? Have you looked at the toolkit ? Vote in the poll and leave a comment:

One LinkedIn member wrote that the program can be successful.

Peter wrote:

“We all need to be creative and find cost effective ways of implementing the new tag lines and trademarks to grow awareness of the program and ultimately increase consumption.”


So far, the release of the toolkit has only drawn trade press coverage. And it is early. Yet the campaign needs leading retailers and marketers to use the Sesame Street characters as a signature item in their marketing efforts, and soon, if the excitement for the potential of the program is to sustain and build. The clock is ticking.