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Promise of immigration reform can't be cruel trick again

01/31/2013 05:18:00 PM
Tom Karst

In the months ahead, Congress and the president must make a generous provision for future flows of agriculture workers into the U.S.

If giving a path to citizenship to current undocumented workers is important to them, they must go against Big Labor to insist that an improved guest worker program is available to growers.

United Farm Workers president Arturo Rodriguez said in a statement that he was pleased that President Obama didn’t propose a new visa program for guest workers. While farm labor advocates can be valuable allies for immigration reform, President Obama and members of Congress must meet the labor needs of production agriculture. Unions have traditionally been against guest worker programs so their counsel on the subject is tainted.

Many farm labor advocates believe the U.S. Department of Agriculture should run the next version of the agricultural guest worker program, with the primary priority of helping U.S. agricultural employers find the guest workers they need in a timely fashion.

In the months ahead, the debate on immigration reform will have to navigate the explosive territory of “amnesty” in dealing with current unauthorized workers. Health care costs will also be raised as a volatile objection to moving forward.

Given the potential pitfalls ahead, failure is always a possibility. Whether it is union-friendly liberal Democrats or Tea Party conservatives who pull the football away, agricultural producers will be on their backsides either way. Again.

A better result would be the ball splitting the uprights, giving President Obama a lasting legacy and Republicans a stronger Latino appeal in the next election. And most importantly, of course, fruit and vegetable growers would have a more secure promise of labor to harvest U.S.-grown fresh produce.

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Ted Schultze    
Maple Grove, MN  |  February, 01, 2013 at 02:08 PM

Let's hope our gutless congress can do something correct instead of worrying about re election in every thing they do. I think the problem is that they are all running for election all of the time and that creates a conflict of interest. That is to say, they are supposed to make the hard decisions but are afraid to because some of their constituents might not like them and they might have to go home. The solution is, I think, a single term for them all. They persist in doling out subsidies and that is an ongoing problem. After all, one mans subsidy is another mans taxes. They don't raise taxes to pay for the subsidy and look at our federal deficit. Sorry for my soapbox rant.

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