National Editor Tom Karst
National Editor Tom Karst

For tomorrow, watch for coverage of the Alliance for Food and Farming's special report "Scared Fat."

At a press conference tomorrow at noon Pacific, the Alliance said it will discuss the report's findings. The study purports to show "how negative and misleading information about the safety of fruits and vegetables is impacting consumption."

The report is said to include a consumer survey which found that the effect of negative messaging is more significant among low income consumers.  

Stay tuned for coverage....

Also, there should be action on ag appropriations tomorrow morning.

As cherry harvest heats up in the Northwest, readers should remember to vote on the poll about harvest labor availability in your region.

I got the book "Eat your vegetables and other mistakes parents make" from the author Natalie Digate Muth. I'm looking forward to reading it and having our Gen X mom contributor Sarah Krause also comment on the  book.


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