Just wrapping a few things up on a Friday afternoon here at The Packer offices. I wanted to pass on a few USDA Foreign Agricultural Service reports that may be of interest, and I also wanted to let readers know of a new document I’ve created called “Fresh Talk Links.” 

 This web page, still being constructed, shows some of the fresh produce-related links I see and puts them in newest to oldest format. Perhaps a few of you fresh produce news nerds may find it worth a look.

 Also, I will note here that The Packer Market continues to grow, at near 1,400 members. The Fresh Produce Industry Discussion Group, which I created a few years back, has crested over 9,100 members and is the largest fresh produce group on LinkedIn.

 From the USDA FAS:

 UK Retail Foods

UK chain profiles

EU potato report

Revised Chinese organic certification

China citrus annual

EU citrus annual

South African deciduous report

Retail foods El Salvador

Guatemala retail report

Poland retail report

Mexican citrus

Italian retail report

Australia citrus

Mexican avocao annual

South Africa citrus report