National Editor Tom Karst
National Editor Tom Karst

I posed another question recently to the 4,684-member strong Fresh Produce Industry Discussion Group, and it went like this:

For the produce buyer-supplier relationship, what should be the biggest priority in the next five years?

The choices:





A.     Implementing PTI   

B.     Creating sustainability measures 

C.     Driving costs out the system  

D.     Working together to engage consumer

E.      Other (explain)  


TK: The leading vote-getter so far? "Working together to engage consumer." Limited voting, yes,  but I thought surely that  PTI would generate more passion....

This question is related to a previous question which has generated 55 votes and more than 30 comments:

What's the biggest drag on consumer demand for fresh fruits and vegetables?

The latest comment has a ring of truth of it for many of us, including myself:

The biggest challenge to more produce consumption is that, since young, our bodies have become too addicted to sugar and fat. I work in the produce industry but could never become a vegetarian.


Also, check out this provocative discussion of farmers' marketers and how they make actually be hurting the produce industry.


Other polls:

Which form of processed fruits and vegetables represents the biggest potential to decrease fresh produce consumption?

How should United Fresh and PMA react to failed merger?


TK: More thoughtful discussion by Jim Prevor and others about the United-PMA failed merger talks. But at this point, discussion of the potential merger is an intellectual, mind-bending exercise. I don't see how the emotion to get it done can be ginned up any time soon. By the way, I'm building a spreadsheet of 990 tax forms of various produce associations. A work in progress....

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