My Iphone has many apps. Some are used, some are ignored. The newest one - installed today - is the ShopWell InStore app.

I heard about the app through an e-mail from James Allgood, marketing manager of HarvestMark and ShopWell. Here is how he described the app:

"We are launching our in-store nutrition service and shopper intelligence platform, ShopWell InStore at the NGA show on Monday.

ShopWell is a free mobile app that helps shoppers eat healthier by giving personalized nutrition scores. Simply enter your nutrition goals and scan a barcode on a package to instantly see if the food fits with in your plan and find healthier alternatives. We cater to people looking for weight management and athletic training, diets for diabetics or people suffering from high blood pressure, as well as people who want to avoid food allergens like wheat or dairy. Across the country, there are more than 1.3 million installs that are helping people and their families eat healthier, feel better, and become more informed about the food they eat.

The app is cool, but here is where we are disruptive to the traditional shopper intelligence model…

We average a product scan every 2 seconds. We are leveraging this vast amount of data (brand, item, score, retail banner, shopper demographics) that we are collecting in grocery stores and kitchens about shopper preferences and shopping behavior and packaging it into a dashboard (anonymized to protect identities) that helps retailers and brand owners make better decisions about product mix, merchandizing, and promotions to increase sales…in real time. We also allow retailers and brands to survey our crowd to get more detailed information. Our dashboards provide insight into what people are scanning, by store for retailers and by brand for brand owners, and compare that to aggregate benchmarks of competitors. They can track over time how likely shoppers are to spend on their products compared to the competition and make changes to address shopper preferences.

Here is a news item about the first chain - Mackenthun’s Supermarket - that has embraced the app’s potential.  

The app looks pretty slick, but whether it can become ingrained my limited food shopping remains to be seen. I’ll circle back later and report on the test drive. Has anybody else tried out the app and what are your impressions?