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When baby carrots and gala apples were the next big thing

04/29/2013 09:55:00 AM
Tom Karst

 There was nary a mention of the term “local” in 1992. My,  times have changed.

 By the way, here are a few reader responses about “the next big thing” discussion group question for the here and now:

  “Multi-product fruit packs under a standardized brand-assigned multi-product UPC”.

“ Exotic fruit - fresh cut packed in a tray.”

“The availability of Micro Greens. Vertical farming growing will provide the climate to produce superior quality, flavor, and longer shelf life. Providing availability at affordable prices.”

“Organic Asian Vegetables Mix pack”

“More and more customers in the retail markets are looking for "CLUB PACK" savings. Flavor and nutrition continue to be drivers in the market place with price taking a, albeit close, back seat. Newer apple hybrid varieties and heirloom tomatoes continue to grow in popularity while the demand on kales is still growing rapidly. Also, convenience packs and ready-to-prepare items are an expanding category offered in the more innovative markets. “


TK: I welcome readers to second these speculations and/or put forward some of your own. What will be the next blueberry, hass avocado, baby carrot or gala apple? Indeed, what is the next big thing?


The Alliance for Food and Farming has put forward a clever dig at the folks behind the Dirty Dozen.

On their Facebook page, the Alliance for Food and Farming posted a picture of fruits and vegetables purchased for $10, which is the amount that the Environmental Working Group suggests for a donation to receive a hard copy of the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 guide. Instead of giving $10 to the EWG, consumers were encouraged to go out and buy $10 worth of fruits and vegetables for their health.

That’s a much better investment.

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Fresh Produce    
SMITHS BEACH Victoria Australia  |  August, 09, 2013 at 10:32 PM

Nice to hear that fresh produces boomed their sales on the market. I was just hoping that the zooming sales shall be continuously grow not only for the avocados or baby carrots and gala apples but also for other fresh produces.

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