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World ending, running out of guacamole

03/04/2014 04:21:00 PM
Fred Wilkinson

Chipotle’s commitment to organic, local, and sustainable farming practices is also one of the reasons why it may be more susceptible to unexpected climate shifts. As the company notes, its food markets “are generally smaller and more concentrated than the markets for commodity food products,” meaning Chipotle buys from producers that are less able to survive bad farming conditions without raising prices. And those prices have already been raised significantly over the last year, Chipotle said.

Let the hoarding commence ...

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Raleigh NC  |  March, 05, 2014 at 02:07 PM

This line had to come from, not Chipotle: "It’s your choice, America. Fix the climate, or the guac gets it." Any firm that would display such ignorance to its stockholders would deserve the panic sell- off of its stock that would most certainly ensue. Where to begin? "Fix the (world) climate, America, ....". Notice anything strange there? This is the sound a socialist makes when it is trying to use other people's money, power and influence. If Chipotle really wants to put the world at large on warning that they may pull menu items, then so be it. Step up, Chipotle competitors, and tell consumers you will welcome them when Chipotle can't (or won't) source product. Tell consumers that your company is interested in food science ... not junk science. Tell your investors that your job is to make them profits, not lecture them on your pet fetish. Oh, and good luck hoarding avocados.

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