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Dole's annual report: Market share and other tidbits

03/15/2011 11:55:12 PM
Tom Karst

While bananas are sold year round, there is a seasonal aspect to the banana business. Banana prices and volumes are typically higher in the first and second calendar quarters before the increased competition from summer fruits.

Approximately 90% of our total retail volume in North America is sold under contract. The contracts are typically one year in duration and help to insulate us from fluctuations in the banana spot market. Our principal competitors in the international banana business are Chiquita Brands International, Inc. and Fresh Del Monte Produce, Inc.

Fresh Pineapples

We are the number 2 global marketer of fresh pineapples, growing and selling more than 32 million boxes in 2010. We source our pineapples primarily from Dole-operated farms and independent growers in Latin America, Hawaii, the Philippines and Thailand. We produce and sell several different varieties, including the sweet yellow pineapple. We introduced the sweet yellow pineapple in 1999, and now market a substantial portion of this fruit under the DOLE TROPICAL GOLD ® label. Varieties of pineapple other than the sweet pineapples are also used in our packaged products. Our primary competitor in fresh pineapples is Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. Pineapples accounted for approximately 8% of our fresh fruit business segment’s revenues in 2010.

Dole Chile

We began our Chilean operations in 1982 and we are the largest exporter of Chilean fruit. We export grapes, apples, pears, stone fruit (e.g., peaches and plums) and kiwifruit from approximately 600 primarily leased acres and 12,400 contracted acres. The weather and geographic features of Chile are similar to those of the Western United States, with opposite seasons. Accordingly, Chile’s harvest is counter-seasonal to that in the northern hemisphere, offsetting the seasonality in our other non-tropical fresh fruit. We primarily export Chilean fruit to North America, Latin America and Europe. Our Dole Chile business division accounted for approximately 5% of our fresh fruit business segment’s revenues in 2010.

Fresh Vegetables

Our fresh vegetables business segment produces and markets fresh-packed and value-added vegetables. We source fresh vegetables from Dole-owned, leased and contracted farms. Our value-added products are produced in state-of-the-art processing facilities in Yuma, Arizona, Soledad, California, Springfield, Ohio and Bessemer City, North Carolina. Under arrangements with independent growers, we purchase fresh produce at the time of harvest and are generally responsible for harvesting, packing and shipping the product to our central cooling and distribution facilities. In 2010, value-added products accounted for 53% of our revenues for this segment. The fresh vegetables business segment accounted for approximately 15% of 2010 consolidated revenues.

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the united states  |  March, 25, 2012 at 11:47 AM

please add in how much you export and where the global markets are

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