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Gen X Moms sound off on apples: Loving the honeycrisp and other observations

04/20/2011 05:30:23 AM
Tom Karst

She puts them in salads all the time, carries them with her as a snack and says eating one before lunch is a great diet tip. “I just think they’re easy to put in my bag and have as a quick, healthy snack.” Baked oatmeal using apples is a tasty breakfast dish that is well-loved in her family. Joei also loves that there are orchards around us in KC so we can get local apples. Her one gripe about the industry: use less wax on the apples! It has an “almost sticky, unnatural feel” to them, she said, which she is not a fan of. “I’d rather have a big of a scuff on my apple (than all the wax).”

Joei is an ally in the use of apples as a key weight loss food, which is a theme some marketers have emphasized in recent years. Again, instructive comments here to the trade about the use of wax on apples.

"Chris" – mom of 2 boys

Chris and family go through about six to eight apples a week (“It’s something we eat every day.”), usually gala, fuji, braeburn and honeycrisp. She cooks with jonathan and granny smith (especially in the fall, when she loves to bake apple crisps and apple pies). Sometimes she buys the organic version because she said she’s always concerned about the pesticides. She wishes she could go organic more, but the prices are often too high and the supermarket she most often shops in doesn’t carry a good line of organic apples (or produce). If her store had organic apples readily available, Chris said she’d choose that option, but she doesn’t like having to drive all over. “It’s just not cost effective or time effective.” She typically serves them sliced as a snack or packed in lunches. “They are just such a great after-school snack because you can easily carry them and eat them anywhere, inside or outside.” Her boys recently tried an asian pear, but no one really liked it.

TK: Moms like Chris are ready to make organic apples the first option if they are available.

"Annie" – mom of one boy

“Oh we love them!” Annie said, stating that she buys all varieties (but they like fuji and red delicious best). They buy 12-24 every two weeks. She thinks there are more varieties of apples in the U.S. and says the quality is very good here (her family is from China). She just bought some organic because the price was the same as the regular. They like to eat them after dinner as a dessert and sometimes in the morning. Her son likes them sliced, and she usually always peels them first because of the wax on the outside. She said she worries about the chemicals.(Her lips have had an allergic reaction, and she thinks it may be related to the peel.) “Sometimes the apple is very shiny and oily with a thick skin, even when you wash it. I don’t like this.”

TK: Annie's comments again reveal that consumer choices about apples are driven by highly personal emotions and preferences. It is a truth expressed every time a mom - Annie, Sarah, Chris, Joei, Christy, Karen, Beth, Courtney, Shannon, and Julie - sets down one apple and picks up another.

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