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Make PBH great - John Sauve

08/13/2009 02:17:30 PM
Tom Karst

Here is a guest comment in response to The Packer's editorial "PBB plan deserves honest debate":  From John Sauve, managering director, food and nutrition for Swardlick Marketing Group, Portland, Maine. From John:

If you have a better idea, speak up!

Great possibly being destroyed (in a fun, friendly way of course) by the pundits and the  opinionated.

But what the heck. Here goes.

So, from someone who simply has a passionate interest in the fruits and veggies world and who likes PBH as an organizational concept (yes, I am a PBH financial supporter), the better idea is: Make Produce for Better Health Foundation a significantly better and stronger foundation. Focus on improving PBH.  Make PHB Great!

WOW. Killer better idea right. Innovative, right.

That's it. Pretty simple. Straightforward. Easy to grasp. Maybe a little boring as a breakthrough idea. Or maybe right on target.

Simply make an existing thing better.........a product improvement project. Stop trying to make things more complex......maybe our industry can't handle it. We're complex enough....and unfocused.  We can't even decide what to say about our collective product.....fruits and veggies.  As an example, we have given away our health position in the supermarket to other things like Cheerios and the entire pharmacy (generally positioned as the Health & Wellness place in the supermarket).   How stupid is away our health and wellness position!  In fact, has anyone ever seen a real "positioning statement" for fruits and veggies? How silly is that from an industry supposedly full of good marketing folks?

And before you destroy this reinvented PBH idea, for heaven sake, please do some homework on many other organizational structures like PBH before commenting on  PBH's inability to ever do the job....or raise a lot of money. We happen to know a you do. And while doing that homework, dig into the restrictions (health messaging) surrounding the proposed promotion and research order under debate right now.....somehat controlled by the USDA as you may, or may not, know.

So, it's easy. The entire fruits and veggies group, already a wonderful team, professionally and socially, under the PBH umbrella  needs to get its' act together and simply make the PBH marriage of the produce industry better...a lot better. Not just a little better, a lot better.

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