Here are a few headlines snatched from the web today, including an USDA FAS report on Mexican blackberries. From that report, news of an acreage decline...

The main producing state is Michoacán with 95 percent of blackberry planted area, followed by Jalisco (1.6), and Colima (0.70). Michoacán harvest begins in October and ends in June.

According to traders, there were market distribution problems in 2009, since planted area and harvested area in Mexico increased so dramatically from 2007, and, as such, the market may have been oversupplied. Additionally, it seems that during 2009, prices began collapsing and, reportedly, Mexican traders stopped shipping produce during the May to June period as price decreases on the international market made shipping unfavorable.

Additionally, producers indicate that marketing challenges forced some growers out of the marketplace (i.e. abandoned planted area) and many expect the trend of lower planted area to continue in CY 2010.