Heck yes - we should all get free fresh fruit at work.
A story from the U.K. caught my attention this morning with a headline “60% believe their employer should provide fresh fruit at work”
The story, posted online at www.employeebenfits.co.uk, reviewed research by British Summer Fruits, which is an industry promotion group for  British-grown soft and stone fruits.
According to the story, “almost two thirds” (60%) of folks believe that their employer should offer fresh fruit to staff in the workplace.
Other tasty tidbits from the survey of 2,000 UK employees:
  • 78% don’t know who to speak with about bringing healthier food choices to the office;
  • 52% said they work better when they eat healthful food; and 
  • 81% said sugary snacks are provided for meetings, with 48% being offered cookies; only 8% said they have access to fresh fruit in meetings.
Kate Cook, corporate wellness expert quoted in the piece, said employers who use sugary food as a reward can create an “addictive spiral” that stems from the wrong-headed idea that sugar boosts productivity and hard work.
Instead, she said that “enlightened” companies are introducing fresh fruit into the workplace, leading to better concentration, productivity, and fewer health problems and missed work.
Of course, the survey was created by the British Summer Fruits group, so perhaps the responses are somewhat self-serving. I’d bet if the British beef jerky group did a survey of employees, no doubt a majority would endorse the notion that teriyaki beef jerky in the morning would help their output. In a similar way, employees might endorse-two hour lunches and a 20-hour work week if given a friendly prompt.
Even so, produce companies - and companies of every sector of the economy - may find great goodwill among their employees if corporate provided a bowl of fresh fruit/veggies every day. Why not provide a fresh produce alternative to donuts at staff meetings? Surely the U.S. can exceed the 8% of U.K. companies that provide fruit to their employees.
Make your employees happy and productive - let them eat fresh produce, not cake.