It’s been a hard week in Houston, but the tragedy has given humans plenty of opportunities to give and receive help.
Cary Hoffman, president, and owner of Schoenmann Produce Co., Houston, told me today relief efforts by city, county,  state, federal government agencies and individuals have been courageous and remarkable.
“There have been people that have come here from literally all over the country to try to help,” he said. “It seems the response from the country has been incredible and it is amazing how quickly the city has responded to the needs to help people affected by the storm.”
“If you have to go through a storm- and I don’t wish this upon anybody - you really want to do it with the support that we have,” Hoffman said.
The shock of the storm may dull, but there the need in Houston won’t go away quickly.
It is heartening to see some of the industry efforts to help victims of the hurricane and there is plenty of time to do more. Check out The Core blog post by Dan’l Mackey Almy. 
This isn’t the first time that the industry has responded to a natural disaster.
Much like Hurricane Harvey in Texas prompted offers of help from the industry, Hurricane Andrew had the same effect 25 years ago.
Kevin Dunleavy, marketing consultant with Orlando, Fla.-based Super Marketing Promotions, Inc. in 1992 was executive vice president of a Florida-based recipe company called Try Foods International.
Pal Brooks and Bill Schaefer with Brooks were instrumental in helping launch Try-Foods in supplying us with tropical fruit-related recipe content and industry introductions, Dunleavy said.
“If it wasn’t for them, our company would have never taken off,” Dunleavy said. After the Hurricane Andrew, Try Foods organized a small shipment of relief supplies to south Florida. “It wasn’t much in the scope of what they needed, but they were like family.”
Twenty-five years later, the industry is engaged once again after a terrible storm.
It is nice to know that some things don’t change.