The University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Spring Vegetable Field Day is set for Tuesday, May 1, at the Southwest Florida Research and Education Center in Immokalee, according to Julie Carson, center media coordinator.

All of the day’s events will take place in the field. The whitefly will be the center of discussion. Three research trials during the day will spotlight the pest: 

1. Symptom expression in tomato varieties resistant to TYLCV

2. Effectiveness of whitefly control for management of watermelon vine decline

3. New insecticide for whitefly control

Additional trials during the event will include tomato pinworm control, biological and chemical control of broadmites and whiteflies in pepper and eggplant, bacterial spot and late blight on tomato, gummy stem blight and downy mildew on watermelon, and the impact of controlled-release fertilizers on tomato growth and yield.  In addition, an update on the phosphorus soil test demonstration project in the C-139 basin will be provided.

Lunch will be sponsored by Jim Cartwright and Syngenta Crop Protection, which will be followed by Cartwright's Syngenta product update.