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For the third consecutive year, shoppers in the top income bracket were about twice as likely to buy spinach as those earning less than $25,000 annually. This affluent group was far and away the most likely group to buy spinach overall, as was the case last year. Scroll down to view the infographic. 

Consumers who were part of the “all other” ethnic group were among those most likely to buy this salad vegetable along with Asian consumers and those in their 40s.

Three in 10 shoppers said they preferred to purchase regular spinach, while 44% said they liked the more tender baby spinach better. Slightly more than one-quarter of buyers said they had no preference at all when it came to spinach variety. Nearly two-thirds of buyers opted for spinach as a salad, while 56% said they used the leafy greens as an ingredient in a recipe. Another 44% said they used spinach as a side dish to a meal.

Western shoppers were more likely to grab spinach than those in other regions.

When it came to organics, 15% of shoppers said they always bought organic spinach. Interest in periodic organic spinach purchases fell seven percentage points from last year, with 36% of shoppers saying they sought out organic spinach at least some of the time in Fresh Trends 2019.

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