AeroPay Express plans to meet people at The Packer's West Coast Expo. ( File photo )

A new company is helping produce and other ag-related companies, including retailers, growers and distributors with financing.

AeroPay Express, San Jose, Calif., offer users a “virtual procurement card” to pay vendors promptly, according to a news release. The company says the service can be used anywhere in the world, such as produce suppliers based in Mexico.

“Vendors of AeroPay Express clients now get paid C.O.D., allowing them to have more cash to pay their own costs and build their own businesses,” according to the release. “AeroPay Express is free for buyers, and vendors pay a small fee when they elect to get Early Paid and part of that discount goes back to the buyer.”

The company will be exhibiting at The Packer’s West Coast Produce Expo in Palm Springs, Calif., May 11-12, at booth No. 516. To schedule an interview with CEO Stephen Troy, call (831) 594-1500. Janet Goddard, executive vice president of marketing, and Stan Marcus, vice president of sales, plan to attend the West Coast Expo.