Border patrol agents in Texas found 60 illegal immigrants locked in a trailer load of broccoli, on top of a thin layer of ice, a month after 10 illegal immigrants were found dead in the back of a trailer in San Antonio.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agents with the Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol found the immigrants in the trailer of broccoli Aug. 19 in Falfurrias, Texas, after a canine alerted agents to a need for a secondary inspection.

The temperature in the trailer was 49 degrees Fahrenheit, according to a news release from the CBP. According to the release, the immigrants, from Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador and Honduras, all refused medical attention and were “processed accordingly.”

The load of broccoli was topped by a layer of ice encased in plastic. The Guatemalan driver was arrested and federal charges for “alien smuggling” are pending, according to the release.

The border patrol warned against “callous smugglers” who endanger the lives of the people they are bringing into the U.S.

“Criminal activity like this will also lead to serious consequences for truck drivers who engage in smuggling,” CBP Rio Grande Valley Sector Chief Patrol Agent Manuel Padilla Jr. said in the release.

On July 23, San Antonio police found 10 dead people in a truck trailer. The driver of the truck, a Florida man, has been charged with multiple federal crimes, and could face the death penalty.