( AgriTalk )

On Wednesday’s AgriTalk, host Chip Flory had a different idea for the weekly Farmer Forum and brought in a trio of farmers that farm direct to consumer.

Kevin Bullard, who operates Bullard’s Farms in Elkhart, Ind. largely farms sweet corn, his family has been in the same location since the late 1800s, but have only been direct to consumer for the last several decades. He also grows other produce and has a greenhouse on his property for flowers.

Chris Bass of Mt. Vernon, Iowa sells a lot of his product through a small grocery store on his property. That store not only houses his fruits and vegetables, but also features a lot of items from the local community. He has even expanded his operation recently to include a green house. Another large porting of his operation is selling produce directly to restaurants.

The third guest, Stephen Ellis, actually operates his own restaurant for which he provides just much of the meat and produce that are served there. His farming operation includes a variety of produce but they also raise and harvest their own cattle. Ellis’ farm in Carat, Va. is between several large cities and he says marketing his operation is different season to season.

During their conversation with Flory, many of the issues the group experiences are very similar in regards to farm labor troubles, marketing to consumers, and events they host in an effort to bring in more customers.

You can catch the full AgriTalk conversation by clicking the player below