AGRO Merchants Group added two more ripening chambers at its Vineland, N.J., facility. ( Courtesy AGRO Merchants Group )

AGRO Merchants Group, a global cold storage and logistics company, has added two ripening chambers at its Vineland, N.J., facility.

There are now five such chambers at the facility, with a capacity to hold 150 pallets of fruit, according to a news release.

Elizabeth Lund, managing director of AGRO Merchants Vineland, aid the facility can allow fruit, such as bananas or avocados, to reach a desired stage of ripeness from 1 to 4 days.

“We use ethylene gas, humidity and air circulation control to manage the ripening process,” Lund said in the release. “We have perfected the process over the years and there has been a great demand for this service amongst our customers.”

AGRO Merchants VineLand has storage, handling and distribution services, and can repack, with customized packaging services for retail and foodservice industries. The company invested in an eight-lane optical grader for citrus, avocados and other commodities.

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