AgroFresh is building an innovation center in China to help retailer Pagoda on fruit shelf life issues. ( File photo )

AgroFresh Solutions Inc., Philadelphia, has an addition to its line of products designed to extend shelf life.

Like other AgroFresh products, the SmartFresh InBox halts the natural ripening process of fruits and vegetables. The SmartFresh InBox is a sachet that travels in cartons of fresh produce on their way to their final destination. InBox is designed for grower-shippers who don’t have airtight temporary storage, or want a smaller option when halting maturity after harvest.

“Our aim is to support our customers in providing high-quality fresh produce to more consumers around the world and to help them decrease food waste,” AgroFresh CEO Jordi Ferre said in a news release.

SmartFresh InBox has a “significant effect on firmness after short storage and shelf life,” according to the release.

In all states except California, SmartFresh InBox is registered in all states for apples, pears, plums, kiwifruit, persimmons, broccoli and tomatoes. It is registered for kiwifruit in California,

“At AgroFresh, we are committed to growers’ success and work closely with them to develop and provide tailored solutions to fit their specific needs,” Veronika Mangin, global core portfolio project lead at AgroFresh, said in the release.