AgroFresh's Ann Beaulieu ( AgroFresh )

Ann Beaulieu, vice president of research and development and regulatory at Philadelphia-based AgroFresh Solutions, will join an advisory council focused on improving access to nutritious foods and reducing food waste.

The Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research is a nonprofit organization established by the 2014 Farm Bill to build unique partnerships that fund innovative research in food and agriculture, according to a news release. 

Beaulieu will leverage her experience and knowledge of agriculture, chemistry and food supply chain systems as part of foundation’s health-agriculture advisory council. She said reducing food waste has been a focal point of her career, and a key part of AgroFresh’s mission.

“I look forward to collaborating with other experts to seek solutions to the important challenges facing agriculture and health,” she said in the release.

The foundation has identified six challenge areas that seek to solve large-scale problems in the food and agriculture industry. 

The health-agriculture nexus challenge area supports research on inefficiencies in the food system, including the development of technologies, transformational approaches, food waste reduction strategies and predictive methodologies for different crops, according to the release. 

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