EverCrisp apples are a fuji/Honeycrisp cross. ( Courtesy All Fresh GPS )

Sparta, Mich.-based All Fresh GPS plans to show off one of its newer apple offerings during the Southeast Produce Council’s Southern Exposure.

All Fresh will sample the EverCrisp, a fuji/Honeycrisp cross, at booth No. 133 during the March 3 expo in Tampa, Fla., according to a news release.

“Experiencing this apple will be something you do not want to miss, as this apple holds true to its name. The flavor and the texture will be a big game changer in the apple industry,” Nick Mascari, All Fresh vice president of sales, said in the release.

The variety has a sweet flavor with crisp, juicy flesh, according to the release.

The company also plans to provide samples of Kiku and Kanzi apples at the event.

Submitted by Larry on Wed, 02/21/2018 - 12:38

Chicago avocado consumption has been large for decades. Does the negative consumption of avocados in Chicago also mean a decline in percapa consumption?
As for pricing. I hope the recent interest in avocados in China doesn't inflate the price here in the United States.