( Sirna & Sons Produce )

Ravenna, Ohio-based Sirna & Sons Produce has added fourth-generation family member Allie Sirna as the company’s business solutions coordinator.

Allie Sirna is the second fourth-generation family member to join the business and is the granddaughter of current Sirna & Sons CEO Joe Sirna, the daughter of company president Tom Sirna, and sister to Anthony Sirna. 

“I’m very excited to be a part of the fourth generation of Sirna & Sons Produce alongside my brother, Anthony,” Sirna said in a news release. “It’s an honor to be a part of a family-owned company that has grown and evolved for over 80 years.” 

Sirna said she looks forward to contributing to the innovation within the company, including adding new technology to the company’s infrastructure.

Sirna graduated from the University of Tennessee in May 2015,

Sirna previously worked for national produce management company Produce Alliance in Chicago for four years.

“I will always be grateful for the relationships I was able to form with people, customers, and other industry distributors throughout my four years of working at Produce Alliance,” she said.

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