Winter Haven, Fla.-based Westlake Miller LLC is now doing business as Always Fresh Farms.

Gregory Kosofsky

Wayne Giddings, president and CEO, said in a news release the company will continue growing under the Always Fresh label it has been marketing for over a decade.

“We continue to improve on our vertical integration and build stronger partnerships at the grower level, we want our name to represent the label consumers see in the store,” Giddings said in the release.

Matthew Giddings
Matthew Giddings

A year after separating from Westlake Produce, Always Fresh Farms has expanded its grower resources and hired new employees, according to the release.

The new employees are Gregory Kosofsky, Matthew Giddings, Mike Garcia, and Anthony Johnson, according to the release.

Kosofsky, who recently opened the North-East sales office on the Boston Market, comes from the retail side of the business, according to the release, and has the role of business development and regional sales manager with Always Fresh.

Mike Garcia, Always Fresh Farms

Matthew Giddings will be chief operating officer and director of marketing.

Garcia spent the early years of his career working in production at citrus packinghouses in California, and will provide packinghouse management experience.

Johnson, from Fresno, Calif., will be operating out of Long Beach and will work to build the citrus and berry categories, according to the release.

Anthony Johnson, Always Fresh Farms

Always Fresh Farms has about 550 acres of strawberries in Florida, and all the acreage survived Hurricane Irma, according to the release.

The company also offers year-round blueberry supplies from U.S. and global sources.

Submitted by sharon hendricks on Mon, 03/05/2018 - 11:13

I recently purchased 1 lb. containers of strawberries distributed by ALWAYS FRESH FARMS Winter Haven, FL. I must complain because they are pricy and I feel like I was ripped off. I have never tasted such flavorless strawberries in my life. They looked plump and fresh, however had no taste at all. If I were blindfolded and given a bite of one of these, I would never have guessed that they were strawberries.