The Amaize sweet corn variety is enjoying increased demand as it begins its third year of shipments.

Amaize corn variety increasing salesKnown for its distinctive crunch and long shelf life, marketers of the specialty sweet corn say the variety is gaining consumer acceptance and experiencing significant retail growth, according to a news release.

Marketers of the Caldwell, Idaho-based Crookham Co."s variety are promoting it through point-of-sale materials including signage, public relations and are also employing social marketing.

Amaize also recently launched a new website,, which explains the corn"s history and provides cooking tips and retail locations.

"For the past two years, we could not keep up with the demand for this corn," Rick Steigerwald, senior director of produce for Lunds and Byerly"s in Minneapolis, said in the release. "Our customers have told us it"s the ‘best they ever had.""

Though grown via conventional farming practices, marketers say the corn maintains a crisp, freshly-picked taste even after cooking, according to the release.

The variety was developed in 1989.