Amazon Produce Network upgrades packaging

Amazon Produce Network upgrades packagingCherry Hill, N.J.-based Amazon Produce Network is focusing on "more customized packaging" for customers, said Greg Golden, a partner in and sales manager for the mango shipper.

"That"s something different retailers are requesting, different styles to differentiate themselves," he said.

Amazon has launched a high-graphic plastic mango pouch, similar to a packaging format other commodities have used, Golden said.

"It allows us to hit some of the key roadblocks, we think, that keep mango demand from exploding, and that includes people not knowing how to choose them when they"re ripe or how to cut it," Golden said.

The pouch has space for quick-response codes, cutting diagrams and recipe ideas, Golden said.

"It"s something we"re excited about because it"s going to give the customer a lot of new ideas," he said.

The clear plastic pouch comes in two sizes a three-count, which typically can accommodate 2 or 3 pounds of fruit, and a larger size, which can hold five to six pieces, totaling 4-5 pounds Golden said.

The company did its first test run on the new packaging format in April, Golden said.

"It was successful, but we blew through the bags we had and had to put a stop to it. Now, we have more inventory and expect to run more tests in the fall when offshore mangoes start in September," he said.

He said he was not sure when the packaging would hit the market full bore.

"We"re just waiting for some retailers to pick it up and run with it," he said.



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