Anthony Vineyards is expanding production of some of its newer grape varieties. ( Courtesy Anthony Vineyards )

Bakersfield, Calif.-based Anthony Vineyards is expanding production of some of its newer specialty grape varieties, said John Harley, sales manager.

“We’re transitioning some of our organics into these newer varieties like Magentas, which have been proven (to be successful) conventionally grown,” he said.

Anthony Vineyards also is adding to its roster of novelty grapes, Harley said.

“From a specialty standpoint, we had Sweet Sapphires and Sweet Globes last year but didn’t have Candy Hearts, Candy Dreams and Sunny Fingers in the novelty category, which we will have this year,” he said.

The newer varieties are grown in California’s San Joaquin Valley, rather than vineyards in Coachella, Calif., Harley said.

“We’ll implement three new varieties in that novelty or niche category,” he said. “Actually, there might be one more — a Sweet Scarlet, which has the flavor profile, but we’ve been growing for years. We’re going to offer it in that niche category because of the flavor profile it has.”


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