( Courtesy Arizona LGMA )

As the fall/winter growing season in Yuma, Ariz., approaches, the Arizona Leafy Green Marketing Agreement has approved new water and field metrics.

The LGMA’s Technical Subcommittee work with its sister organization, the California LGMA, in updating the changes to food safety guidelines for lettuce and other leafy greens, according to a news release from the Arizona organization.

“The Arizona (LGMA) remains committed to ensuring that practices and metrics reflect our current scientific knowledge and contribute to continuous improvement in our food safety systems,” Vicki-Lynne Scott, technical assistant for the Arizona LGMA, said in the release.

As with recent changes to the California LGMA standards, Arizona growers have enhanced standards for water sampling and sanitation of field equipment.

Changes to the metrics for water affect everything from furrow irrigation to drip tape and management of irrigation water systems, according to the release.

The changes became effective Aug. 18. The seven members of the Arizona LGMA’s technical subcommittee met 11 times to redefine the best practices for water and field sanitation standards, according to the release.

The two groups have reviewed and updated standards several times in recent years as leafy greens, primarily romaine lettuce, have been linked to E. coli outbreaks.

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