Arkansas releases new blackberry, 4 table grape varieties

Arkansas releases new blackberry, 4 table grape varietiesThe University of Arkansas has released four new seedless table grapes Faith, Hope, Joy and Gratitude.

In addition, the breeding program, headed by John Clark, released Osage, an erect-growing floricane-fruiting blackberry, according to a news release.

Floricane blackberries produce fruit on the first-year's growth whereas primocane blackberries produce it on the second year's growth.

Osage is a mid-early variety that produces medium-sized berries similar to Ouachita.

Osage matures slightly before Ouachita and just after Natchez.

Plants should be available for tissue culture in 2013.

The new table grapes have non-slipskin flesh with good skin quality, fruit cracking resistance, good vine health and winter hardiness.

• Faith is a blue variety with a semi-crisp texture and neutral flavor. It is the earliest of the four and ripens in late July to early August.

• Hope is a green grape with a fruit flavor and soft texture. It has high yield potential and ripens in mid-August.

• Joy is a blue grape with a fruity flavor but a very soft texture. It ripens the second week of August.

• Gratitude is a green grape with a very crisp texture and neutral flavoring, ripening in late August.

The new grapes were developed for Arkansas growing conditions, particularly those from central to northern Arkansas, according to the release.

For a list of licensed propagators, visit the University of Arkansas.



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