( Courtesy Arrowfarms )

Chelsea, Mass.-based Arrowfarms will celebrate Gold Bell’s 40th anniversary this year with charitable donations and sustainability initiatives.

“We started Gold Bell 40 years ago with the idea to provide our customers with seasonal specialty items year-round,” Joanne Cipriano Dolan, Gold Bell founder, said in a news release. “We are proud to employ a team of more than 50 people and are dedicated to providing top quality product to every customer, every day.”

Gold Bell plans to donate 10% of Nov. 8 gross sales to Fair Foods, according to the release. The Boston nonprofit receives and ships more than 10,000 pounds of surplus produce from industrial suppliers who can no longer use it.

“For 30 years Gold Bell has provided fresh, healthy food to those in need throughout New England by supporting Fair Foods,” Nancy Jamison of Fair Foods, said in the release. “We are so appreciative, as are the thousands of low-income people we serve by delivering this produce.” 

In addition to the donation, Arrowfarms is beginning sustainability initiatives including a zero-waste facility, according to the release. The company has also invested in the development of Morning Kiss Organic, the organic brand of Gold Bell, DiSilva Fruit and Arrowfarms.

Arrowfarms plans to exhibit at the New England Produce Expo in Boston Sept. 18-19 to showcase their sustainability efforts and celebrate Gold Bell’s 40th anniversary.

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