Texas onion harvest ( Grow Farms )

Effective July 30, assessment rates for onions handled under the South Texas onion marketing order will decrease from 6.5 cents to five cents per 50-pound unit.

According to a final rule published by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the South Texas Onion Committee in November recommended the decrease to help reduce the committee’s reserve fund and reduce the assessment burden on handlers.
The committee estimated 2020 shipments of south Texas onions at 3.96 million 50-pound bags. The major expenditures recommended by the committee for the 2019-20 year include $69,992 for management and administration, $50,000 for compliance, and $20,000 for research, according to the final rule.

The USDA said there are approximately 60 producers of onions in the production area and approximately 30 handlers subject to regulation under the marketing order.


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