The highest-spending quarter of avocado shoppers account for nearly three-quarters of avocado purchases, and the Hass Avocado Board described the overall behavior of that group in its latest report on growth opportunities and insights for various retail channels.

“Super heavy” households spent $25.36 or more on avocados in 2016, with an average annual spend of $66.38. Across most channels, however, these shoppers on average spent less than the previous year, with a 3% decline in grocery, a 2.2% drop at Walmart, a 9.9% slide in mass merchandisers, and a 20.1% decrease in online channels.

On the other hand, most channels gained super heavy shoppers, with grocery adding 2.8%, Walmart adding 7.8%, club stores adding 0.9%, and mass merchandisers adding 21.8%.

Walmart saw the highest incremental dollar change of any channel for this shopper group, with an increase of $6.2 million. Club stores scored an additional $1.7 million.

Super heavy shoppers carry the most weight in the club store and mass merchandiser channels, where they account for 82.1% and 73.3% of sales, respectively.

Th group represents 53% of sales in grocery and 58.1% of sales at Walmart.

Number of trips and spend per trip were also noted in the report, with those numbers varying by channel for super heavy households.

Grocery and Walmart both saw more trips, with respective increases of 1.3% and 3.7%, but saw lower spend per trip, with respective decreases of 4.2% and 5.6%.

Club stores and mass merchandiser saw the opposite. Trips decreased 0.9% for club stires and 18.2% for mass merchandisers, and spend per trip increased 1.6% for club stores and 10.1% for mass merchandisers. The online segment saw a drop in both areas, with a decline of 14.3% in number of trips and a drop of 6.8% in spend per trip.

Super heavy shoppers accounted for only 4% of year-over-year category growth, with medium shoppers contributed 45.7% and heavy shoppers adding 38.4%.

Medium shoppers account for 6.9% of total avocado sales, and heavy shoppers are responsible for 17.9%.

Grocery is by far the biggest channel for avocados with more than $1 billion of sales. Total category sales in 2016 were $1.4 billion. Walmart was the second-largest channel in sales with $176.4 million.

Recommendations by the Hass Avocado Board included focusing on increasing trips and spend per trip in areas where those metrics had fallen.

The full report is available here.