Chris Elliott asks football fans to spread avocados on everything. ( Avocados from Mexico )

Avocados from Mexico is again making a big splash at the Super Bowl and the days before the big game.

The group revealed a Super Bowl teaser ad in late January, with Chris Elliott playing a “cheesy sales rep of a perfect world full of avocados,” according to a news release.

Avocados from Mexico also unveiled an interactive digital experience  for the Super Bowl, featuring a world (#Guacworld) with 6 different experiences and 16 different platforms where consumers can interact with the brand/product. The digital experience helps consumers appreciate the versatility of avocados, according to the release.

The Avocados from Mexico campaign will be featured during the Jan. 30 CBS prime-time show about top Super Bowl commercials.

The show will air the commercial from Avocados from Mexico, behind the scenes video of the commercial and rebroadcast of the very first Avocados from Mexico Super Bowl ad, according to the release. Avocados from Mexico aired its first Super Bowl ad in 2015 around the theme of the #firstdraftever. The 2016 Super Bowl ad was named “AVOS in space,” featuring actor Scott Baio. The 2017 Super Bowl ad was tagged “Secret Society,” Actor Jon Lovitz was also featured in the ad.


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