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Is business travel back?

I just published a new poll to the LinkedIn Fresh Produce Industry Discussion Group posing that question in this form:

Have you/your company resumed business travel in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic?

With a handful of votes so far, the results: 


  • Yes, back to full travel mode:  14 %
  • Select travel by car only:  36%
  • Limit air travel- key accounts: 7%
  • No travel yet: 43%

The psychology of American business leaders during these next few months will be fascinating to watch. Even without a vaccine, there may be a sudden acceleration in the willingness to travel if it appears other companies are relaxing their travel restrictions. That is dependent, of course, on the absence of a feared second wave of COVID infections.

At the same time, the individual willingness of business professionals to board a plane and accept the risk of travel in this virus-changed world will vary considerably, I believe.  The stakes are high for all industry associations and operators  seeking to estimate when the appropriate time should be to reconvene in-person events, albeit with social distancing safeguards.

Another poll, now closed, that I posted to the group asked members this:

“Prediction time: Who do you think will win the presidential election? (not necessarily who you will vote for)”

With 90 plus votes received, the votes were: 

  • Biden: 28%
  • Trump: 72%

This high confidence that Trump engenders is somewhat puzzling considering “conventional wisdom” that Biden is nearly a shoo-in.

One member lauded Trump’s support of business, the nation’s impressive economic numbers before the COVID-19 pandemic and his determination and resolve. 

Poll numbers aside, the presidential debate on Sept.29  should help illuminate the question of how much Trump wants a second term, and if Joe Biden is powerful enough to turn him back.


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