Logan (from left) and Paul Skeen and Trish Lovell. ( Photos courtesy Baker & Murakami; graphic by Amelia Freidline )

Onion growers Paul and Logan Skeen recently became part of the ownership group at Baker & Murakami Produce, Ontario, Ore.

The Northwest onion shipper also added Trish Lovell to the company’s sales team, according to a news release.

Paul Skeen and his son, Logan Skeen, grow onions in the Idaho-E. Oregon growing region. Cameron Skeen, partner in Baker & Murakami and chief operating officer, is Paul’s son and Logan’s brother.

Lovell, who has more than 30 years of experience in onion sales, started her career in 1986 working for Jerry and Steve Baker, managing partners in Baker & Murakami and owners of the former Baker Packing.

“My father (Paul Skeen) is a fifth-generation farmer and second-generation onion grower, which makes Logan and myself sixth-generation farmers and third-generation in onions,” Cameron Skeen said in the release. “My Dad started farming in 1973 and has been a key figure in the onion industry since then.”

Logan joined his father after graduating college in 2012.

Paul and Logan Skeen joined the company following the retirement of original grower members who had purchased Dave Murakami’s shares about six years ago, according to the release.
The Skeens grow yellow, red and white onions on highly-productive land, with water available to be “ready with new-crop onions right out of the gate,” Cameron Skeen said in the release.

Lovell has sold onions for Curry & Co. in western Oregon, and Agri-Pack in Washington.

“I am excited to be back with Jerry and Steve on the sales desk and with the rest of the Baker & Murakami team, keeping our focus on exemplary customer service and the highest quality,” she said in the release. “Baker & Murakami is progressive, innovative and continually improving.”

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