( Courtesy Bamford Produce )

After researching different software systems, Bamford Produce has chosen Produce Pro for its enterprise resource planning system.

Bamford Produce, Toronto, reported the Produce Pro software, designed for companies in the industry, allows the company to have better visibility of operating costs, according to a news release.

 “The information is quite accurate, and we see a huge value in this,” Ben Lecavalier, Bamford Produce president, said in the release. “Adoption throughout our companies has been strong as more of our staff is now actively using the system. When the information is more accurate and results can be seen, people tend to trust it more.”

Bamford Produce and its fresh-cut business, Freshline Foods, plans to implement Produce Pro’s Warehouse Management System, food safety app, quality control app, and driver solution as well, according to the release.