Bay Baby Produce’s new line of Squidmo gourds. ( Courtesy Bay Baby Produce )

Michele Youngquist, president of Bay Baby Produce, Mount Vernon, Wash., is introducing a new gourd this year, the Squidmo. 

“It’s a larger gourd in different colors whose ‘tentacles’ make it look like it’s from the sea,” said Youngquist. 

“We’re just starting out, so availability will be limited.” 

Bay Baby is also introducing new Silhouette pumpkins, with sayings like Happy Harvest and Happy Fall. The company’s bright white Snow Baby and Bianco pumpkins have also become popular for decorating, she said. 

“When you put the white and orange together they just pop.” 

“I’m always checking out what’s trending on Pinterest to keep relevant to what’s cool and decorative,” Youngquist said, “and sourcing different textures and unique items to suit different decorating styles.”