Cara cara navel oranges and blood oranges are being promoted for Valentine's Day. ( Courtesy Bee Sweet Citrus )

Some sweet Valentine’s Day promotions will include the pink and red-fleshed cara cara navel oranges and blood oranges, part of California’s citrus season.

“Both varieties are popular for their bright, colorful flesh and unique flavor profiles,” Monique Bienvenue, communications director of Bee Sweet Citrus, Fowler, Calif., said in a news release.

First discovered in Venezuela in 1976, cara cara navels look like navel oranges on the outside, but inside, the variety tastes less acidic and has a sweet, raspberry-like flavor.

Cara Caras are also a “nutritional powerhouse,” Bienvenue said in the release.

“The fruit’s attractive pink color comes from lycopene, a naturally occurring pigment and powerful antioxidant.”

The blushed rind and red flesh make blood oranges stand out from other citrus varieties.

“Blood oranges are as tasty as they are photogenic,” Bienvenue said in the news release. 

The color comes from its anthocyanins, she said. Like lycopene, anthocyanins are antioxidants and have a berry-like flavor that’s ideal for desserts and cocktails.