Bee Sweet Citrus is promoting mandarins as a healthful alternative for consumers making New Year"s resolutions.

"Many people are going to ring in the New Year with new health goals," Monique Bienvenue, Fowler, Calif.-based Bee Sweet"s director of communications, said in a news release. "Mandarins are an ideal choice for health enthusiasts everywhere because they"re low in calories, high in nutritional value and full of flavor."

Bee Sweet ships four seedless, easy-peel mandarins: clementines, murcotts, pages and satsumas. The company sources both conventional and organic mandarins from October through March.

With fewer than 40 calories per serving and a great source of vitamin C, fiber and flavonoids, mandarins are a great food for people who want to change their diets, Bienvenue said.

"One of the struggles that people face when starting a new health regimen is finding foods that are both healthy and filling. Mandarins are a great snack for anyone looking to improve their health because they are extremely tasty and provide enough fiber to help curb hunger cravings."

Bee Sweet"s Sweetheart mandarin packs now have a Breast Cancer Research Foundation logo denoting the company"s recent donation to the organization.