PerfoTec and Belmark have partnered in a program designed to tailor packaging specifically for the produce it contains. Pictured are Martijn de Bruin (left), technical director of PerfoTec, and Jason vande Loo, director of technical and research development of Belmark, ( Courtesy PerfoTec )

With an eye on shelf life and its contribution to food waste, flexible packaging company Belmark has partnered with PerfoTec to match the needs of produce with the packaging its shipped in.

Belmark, De Pere, Wis., is giving its sales and technical teams technology to define and supply optimal packaging material to meet the specific characteristics of produce being packed and shipped.

Using a Fast Respiration Meter, which collects oxygen and carbon dioxide measurements, Belmark employees analyse the data using PerfoTec software. Including information about packaging and supply chain temperatures, Belmark can find the optimal number and size of laser micro perorations to use on packaging, according to a news release.

PerfoTec’s Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) technology uses a laser with a “closed loop feedback camera system” that inspects the holes for quality control, according to the release, and ensure the oxygen transmission rate on packaging is optimal, depending on what product is in the packaing, according to the release.

That provides shippers a key difference in packaging, according to Belmark.

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