Benbrook earns The Organic Center's excellence awardA research professor from Washington State University, Charles Benbrook, is the first recipient of The Organic Center"s Award of Excellence for supporting the science behind the benefits of organic food and farming.

Benbrook is set to receive the award at the center"s annual dinner, scheduled in conjunction with the Natural Products Expo West, March 6-9, at the Anaheim (Calif.) Convention Center, according to a news release from The Organic Center.

The non-profit center, based in Washington D.C., conducts research and education programs and is under the administration of the Organic Trade Association. Todd Linsky, chairman of the center"s board of trustees, said in the release that Benbrook"s research "provides credible science highlighting the value and benefits of organic practices versus non-organic production."

Benbrook, currently a research professor at Washington State University"s Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources, was the original chief scientist at The Organic Center before joining the school"s faculty. He is a member of the center"s science advisory board.

During his career, Benbrook focused on developing science-based systems for evaluating the effect that changes in agricultural systems have on public health, the environment and the economy, according to the news release. He helped develop bio-intensive integrated pest management and worked on the 1996 Food Quality Protection Act, according to the release.

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