( Courtesy Berry People )

Berry People is in growth mode, hiring people and moving to a larger office in Hollister to accommodate the new sales and administrative teams.

The year-round shipper of berries and avocados moved to a larger corporate headquarters in Hollister, Calif., and opened a new office in Orange, Calif., President Jerald Downs said. Recent hires include an enterprise resource planning-process analyst, financial controller and regional supply managers, according to a news release.

The company opened in 2017.

"As we approach our third full year in business, our customers can increasingly rely on us for substantially increased volume coverage, and improved continuity across the entire berry and avocado categories, materially reducing the seasonal gaps that are common with young companies like ours," Damon Barkdull, senior commodity-sales manager, said in the release.

Michael Osumi, vice president of supply-operations, said the recent hires improve efficiency and deployment of resources, as well as deepen relationships with growers and suppliers.

Berry People and alliance partners have operations in California, Mexico, Chile and Peru, providing year-round supplies of conventional and organic strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries in the Berry People brand and avocados in the Avo People brand.

Short-term plans include a significant expansion of summer organic strawberries and increased Peruvian avocados and blueberries, according to the release.

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