( Courtesy Idaho Potato Commission )

The Big Idaho Potato Truck has finished another season on the road, traveling more than 40,000 miles and participating in almost 70 events in 2018.

From a St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Pittsburgh to race day in Indianapolis, the truck traveled far and wide across the country during its seventh season. Along the way, it raised $12,000 to 21 charities and generated more than 300 million media impressions, according to a news release from the Idaho Potato Commission.

At the start of the seventh season, the commission unveiled Big Idaho Potato 2.0, a fiberglass potato that knocked two tons off the weight of the original potato, but still weighed four tons. The original potato, built to last one season, was too road-worn to continue the journey, according to the release.
“The Big Idaho Potato Truck continues to drive many of our marketing campaigns,” Frank Muir, president and CEO of the commission. “It’s the focus of our national television commercials, it helps promote the potato’s impressive nutritional profile and generates hundreds of millions of impressions for the Idaho potato brand.”

The truck’s 2019 schedule will be available this month on its website, http://bigidahopotato.com/.