( Courtesy Bland Farms LLC )

It’s “home sweet holiday” time again for Bland Farms, Glennville, Ga., which is making its holiday-themed display merchandiser available to retailers.

The display maximizes the company’s sweet onion footprint while allowing retailers to co-merchandise Bland’s sweet potatoes. The display features onion and sweet potatoes dishes and includes a call-out to consumers to text for holiday recipes, according to a news release.

The bins can be stocked with a mix of bagged/bulk onions and sweet potatoes depending on retailer preference. Pallet display bins are pre-loaded with products and ready to display.

“This time of year sweet onions are guaranteed to be on almost everyone’s shopping list,” Delbert Bland. “For our retailers, the holiday season is all about maximizing fresh, seasonal displays to maximize profit. Our holiday sweet onion bins offer more stopping power and inspiration to purchase.”

Super Marketing Promotions, Orlando, Fla., developed the bins in coordination with Bland Farms

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